My Bimmer
The '02 E46 3 Series Inline-6 with Adaptive Steptronic Transmission

Year 1
Pics by Durai and Sandee




Year 2
Pictures taken by me on a Canon S230.

I replaced the OEM tires with the new z-rated Goodyear Eagle F1s. I have to say the car now corners like a cat on velcro
The paint still looks great, you can see everything - including the junk in my garage...Should have cleared the garage out first...

Products I'd recommend for detailing:

- P21s Carnauba Wax

- P21s Paintwork Cleanser
- 303 Aerospace Protectant

- Mother's Back to Black
- Lexol Leather Cleaner
- Lexol Leather Conditioner
- 303 Aerospace Protectant

Detailing Schedule

Detailing Guide

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Misc pics found